An old friend!

I met an old friend again
Never once meeting
But separated over a year
We wrote poetry like haunting refrain
Spoke of life, love and death
Yet we never met
Perfect strangers and yet
Good friends
Encouraged each other to grow
As if we know
The pain we feel
When our hearts hollow beats
Lulls us to weep
Before we sleep.

beat a piono and I beat a drum

I met an old friend again
This life would never be the same
IF her absence from it
Is laid to my name
My presence she might never grace
But we talk of fate
As if we knew the place
Where old friends sit and meditate
Sharing thoughts of words unspoken
Seeing each other in the solitude of rest
Transcripts of thoughts unbroken
Never fazed we endured each test.

I met an old friend again
Our final talk will never end
We are poets of haunting refrain
Conjuring images that only friend
Can find solace in the honesty
Not fazed by the reality
Nor the seeming brevity
OF our muse we pen so readily
WE are poets of haunting refrain
Our muse will be our bond
My old friend we will meet again
Our pens flows I hear it’s sound.

(c) Terence Munroe
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